As I have stated before in my outline of what comes with a Pre-Order of Battlefield 3 on the Playstation 3, Sony announced at their E3 press conference a special partnership with EA (publisher for Battlefield). EA would utilize the extra space of the proprietary Sony Blu-Ray disc to include a free copy of Battlefield 1943 with Battlefield 3.

Well as many have noticed, this addition is absent from Battlefield 3. DICE (developer) announced via their @Battlefield twitter that in lieu of this, they are going to release all Battlefield 3 DLC one week early for the Playstation 3.

Now, I can not speak for everyone else, but since when does DLC (which many people will have to pay for) one week earlier then 360 equal a full game included. EA needs to make good on their promise. If I were Sony, I would be pissed that we announced this at the biggest gaming expo of the year and it did not happen (seen below).

They do not even have to send out codes, they can make the digital download on the PSN free. How hard would it be for the PSN to recognize Battlefield 3 data on the HD and discount the $10 price tag on Battlefield 1943 to free? They did it with the Moon DLC recognizing who had the Hardened Edition of Black Ops. Make good on this EA, please do not screw us.

I fear my friends, that this will end up being forgotten and blown over…

Enjoy, and never stop gaming