Finally the developers have heard us. Not only do you get the three different strike packages (Point streak categories), but you can finally custom map your desired point streaks to different classes.

What does this mean exactly? In the past games with customizable killstreaks, you would choose your three and no matter what class you used, those three would remain constant. Now, you can map any three from a category and put them on one class, then choose a different three and put them on a different class. So, say you have a sub machine gun class for rushing, you can map low numbered support package streaks to it. Now, say you have a riot shield, tank style class as another of your custom classes; you can map any three point streaks from either another category or the same if you choose.

Expect to have five custom classes by default just like the past games since Modern Warfare. This will give customization and strategy a whole new depth not seen in Call of Duty to this day.

Enjoy and never stop gaming