I have downloaded the beta for Battlefield 3 on the Playstation 3 and I have seen the promise land. The land of milk and honey, our salvation from the reign of Call of Duty.

Let me start by saying that this will not de-throne Call of Duty, nor will it likely outsell it. However, I will be getting this and will be enjoying it. Enough about competition, let us focus on the beta.

It feels great, the movement has been vastly improved from its predecessor. No longer does it feel like your soldier is running through mud. He is agile, and nimble. You can sprint, leap over a piece of cover and keep on sprinting without missing a beat. There is a newly added dive to prone feature for quick escape from gunfire. Now, this is not to say you can run, flop on your belly, and perform what is known as a “drop shot”. Dice (developer) has implemented counter measures such as a delay after diving to prone before your soldier is set to fire his gun. Long story short, movement has been vastly improved and the ever present unlimited springing makes its triumphant return to assist in traversing the vast battlefield.

Weapons have recoil, novel idea, but it feels realistic. You cannot fire your M16 full auto and expect the gun to stay still and on target at long range. The exception to this is the LMG’s with bi-pod attachments. Lay down, deploy the bi-pod, and hold down a choke point all day. Recoil is vastly reduced and you get the added benefit of a new suppression system which inhibits enemies vision while you are laying down cover fire. This allows your team to move up, re-position, and flank the enemy to clear them out.

Play your class, meaning that you need to use the engineer to rush, destroy vehicles, and get in close. Use the medic/assault to heal your team, and engage enemies at medium range with the assault rifles. Support your team with the support class, this has the LMG’s meant for holding down vital points for your team, and drop ammo packs for your teammates so they do not get caught with their pants down. Utilize a sniper rifle with the Recon class, and hang back picking off enemies so your team can advance. Skulk in the shadows and advance on the enemy and plant a new addition to the game, the mobile spawn point, which allows the team to spawn in this advanced position. Play your class as it is meant to be in correlation with your squad and achieve success.

With that, there are bugs, glitches, and issues that exist. I have experienced instances of clipping, where I would sink into the environment like quicksand. This ended when I moved up a short distance. There are other minor odds and ends here and there such as the killcam phasing under the environment. Some things just do not feel polished quite yet. The major one, is the squad system. If you and a friend set up a squad and go to enter a game, you will not end up in the same squad, and in some cases, not even on the same team. Also, knowing that you can only talk to your squad mates, you and a friend might as well just not be playing together as there is no interaction other then knowing you have atleast one useful teammate. Chat is also a bit off most of the time. It also seems like the destruction which is a huge part of the Frostbite 2.0 engine, is either not fully intact or not justly represented by the chosen level. In either case, we will have to wait and see. There are some various issues but I am not worried, this is why they had and alpha, and now why they have an open beta.

I am very excited for the full release on October 25, 2011. Do your thing Dice, make your push.

Enjoy, and never stop gaming