Below is an ad analysis I did for a marketing class that I feel was good. Please enjoy:

The ad

Ads are all around us. When we drive, when we wait for the bus or train, even when we are watching tv. The show Futurama even satirized the idea of dream ads, which will appear when you sleep. The point is that ads are everywhere and consciously, they have become so common place we often just ignore them. However subliminally we do see and acknowledge them and that is the hidden message behind ads. Liquor ads are especially good at manipulating people into either believing or wanting what they say. This example comes in the form of a Stolichnaya Vodka advertisement.

I chose this ad because liquor ads, like tobacco are regulated. However more then this, I choose it because I like this brand of Vodka. The ad itself is also appealing in that it is clean looking as well as conveys a point. The ad is easy to look at in its color choices which blend well as to not stand out above the product which they accentuate perfectly.

Along with this, the ad conveys a message of excellence and grandeur. It says “The Gift Vodka” which tells the consumer that THIS is the vodka that should be given to a dear friend or brought to a formal event as it is customary in Russian tradition to bring a bottle of liquor when invited to an event. This is NOT the run of the mill, drunk at a party liquor. On the other hand there are the tools at the bottom. Clearly at first glance they are simply there to represent the how the ice was broken. However, why have them at all? Perhaps it is to counter the first point, to say that this is also a relaxing liquor, one to have for after a hard days work and not just for stuffy crowds and high end parties.

The name in itself might also be meant to appeal to the liquor new comer, one who is not a connoisseur of vodka per se. Stolichnaya clearly sounds authentic, more then something straightforward as Smirnoff, Stoli seeks to show the consumer that they are authentic and real. If not noticed by the name, it clearly states in bold letters “Russian Vodka” to announce proudly to the consumer its place of birth.

The ice surrounding the bottle may represent how refreshing this vodka is, or how special it is that it has to be chiseled out of Ice. I think the image they are conveying here is that this vodka is a work of art like an ice sculpture. This giving a dual meaning to the ice carving tools at the bottom, as stated above. This statement of art can hark back to it being sophisticated vodka, but also on a simpler level just show how beautiful it is in its simplicity.

This ad impresses me in its design. The colors appeal to me and the cleanness of it all together is something I can appreciate. Subtle touches of elegance and authenticity stand out to me, right down to the hammer engraved with “Stolichnaya” in Cyrillic.  Subtleties like this show enthusiasm and care for an ad and I can appreciate this. Therefore I would recommend this product based on these merits listed, as well as my personal knowledge of the products quality.

What they are trying to market to the consumer (me) is vodka, but not just standard vodka, but that whose quality and standards are one step above the norm. An authentic vodka from vodka’s place of origin. It also is telling me to send it now with the conveniently placed gift number, toll free, at the bottom. This ad mainly serves as a reminder that you can send this or to give it as a gift.

I like the approach of this ad, but there is one thing I would change. I do not see anywhere on there the standard “Drink Responsibly” or something of the like. It is clearly a sipping not shooting vodka but people can get just as drunk sipping as shooting liquor. I would add some clever or sophisticated way to remind people to enjoy this responsibly not only because it is somewhat of an obligation, but it sends the right message. It says that we care about our consumers and want them to be around to come back and enjoy us again.

I enjoy papers like this. It gave me the freedom to choose and then I had to analyze what I chose. This serves two purposes; it forces me to choose something I want to talk about while also in the process of writing makes me re-think whether I have anything to talk about. It also allows/forces me to think critically about the ad and then be creative with what I can do to it. This last point about thinking critically is especially important because it weeds out ads that are all fluff or “pretty colors”, eye candy if you will. So, with this I say drink responsibly and leave you with a Russian toast, Ваше здоровье!