Anyone who has played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 knows there are a few issues that were never fixed with the game. This post is not to discuss those issues, that is for a later date (look forward to that lol).

Bearing one of those issues in mind ::cough:: OMA/Scavenger, Danger Close ::cough:: while reading, get ready for this:

This sessions What were they thinking moment comes from a bit of information regarding the original coding for the games multiplayer which would have given a player the ability to Akimbo the Thumper… Oh the rage that would have induced lol

So, what that would mean for those of us who play this game legit, if someone really wanted to play cheaply they could slap on scavenger, danger close, and (insert third perk here); have an assault rifle primary with grenade launcher attachment, PLUS have akimbo (dual wield) thumper secondaries and run around with unlimited, easy access grenades to be launched at respectable players in lobby after lobby. Great way to ruin your day lol

For Reference: Thumper=Grenade launcher secondary

Lucky they changed that and no one found how to hack and unlock it.

Enjoy 🙂