1. DARN Sony, we were so close to having cross game chat.

2. I am upset with IGN, Gregg Miller you shame Mizzou with your ignorance. I am also upset with the other editors who do not realize the benefits of cross game chat just because they are “mostly single player gamers anyway”. I do not know whose desk you got under to get your job at IGN, but he must have been important.

Needless to say, I am a little upset not only at Sony’s lack of foresight but at IGN’s team for their utter ignorance in the matter. Maybe IGN should get people who actually know about games to review topics like this.

The other thing is that in all of the numerous changes to the PS3 in the past years they never once thought to add more RAM to support cross game chat. That is the reason they gave after all. They cannot run a game and chat at the same time, not enough RAM. Really SONY? Not only did your system come out after the 360 (which had cross game chat) but your loyal fans have been asking for it for 5 years now. This is ridiculous… We were so close.

Let me finish this by saying that I am an avid fan of IGN. I have been following them for near ten years now. However, sometimes they do and say stuff like this. Maybe next time.

Here is IGN in their infinite glory:


Let me know what you think.