Adventures in Skyrim!

While wandering the wilds of Skyrim I found myself climbing a small hill. When I reached its peak I froze instantly and went into sneak mode. There were two Giants standing at the bottom of the hill and anyone who has played Skyrim knows what Giants are all about.

There were two of these guys!

My plan was to sneak attack the giants in hopes of defeating them without them finding me. Just as I drew my bow, the Giants turned and began to charge up a hill to the left. My first reaction was “what is going on?” until I looked and saw a Giant Frostbite Spider charging down the hill at them. The Giants were not running, they were engaging a spider in a cataclysmic battle the likes of which can only be matched by two Frost Trolls fighting a Legendary Dragon.

An example of Skyrim’s various Frostbite Spiders

As the beasts were about to clash, I held my breath, my heart beating with the anticipation of the battle I was about to witness, who would win? how close was it gonna be? The spider charged, pounced, fangs bared and….the giant smacked the crap out of it and sent it rocketing into the air!

I followed the arc of the spider through the air trying to see where he would land all the time laughing out loud. He got so high that he disappeared from view. I turned my attention to the two Giants who were clearly pleased with their ridiculousness and proceeded to go ahead with my sneak attack I killed the Giants, looted them and contemplated which direction to travel.

I got about 200 feet when the giant spider fell out of the sky in front of me…

…I put down the controller and walked away.


Share your Skyrim stories, I would love to hear them.

Enjoy my friends, and never stop gaming